Greatest Chef China-Italy Edition

Greatest Chef China – Italy Edition” is a TV/WEB/EVENT format aired on CCTV- 2, China’s leading business TV channel.

The TV program, born from a partnership between Triumph Group International and Tecnomovie, is co-produced by LIC China, one of the major privately-owned production companies of China.

This 2nd edition of the program includes 10 “challenges” amongst Italy’s and China’s most renowned Michelin-starred chefs, confronting each other in the preparation of a complete 6-course menu. Chefs will be judged by 32 select guests, VIPs, journalists, food bloggers and celebrities all attending the show.

The format is part of the trend of the branded content-built experiences: in effect, Chefs interact with food products in an “experiential” way. Each episode of the 2013 edition was followed, on average, by over 20 million viewers. On the same year, the TV show episodes distributed across affiliated online platforms, were viewed by 24.7 million unique users.

PHOTO ALBUM: Pinterest