The Era of Selfie Drones is upon us! 自拍无人机的时代即将到来!


忘掉自拍杆吧,英国的一家公司研发出了世界上最迷你的无人机,将它“扔”至空中就能快速捕捉你的图像!来自意大利的联合创始人Edoardo Stroppiana与伦敦和香港充满创造力的设计团队一起实现了这个概念。




Forget selfie sticks, a British company has developed the world’s smallest drone, that flies into the air and captures your image. Meet ‘Airselfie’, the brainchild of Italian co-founder Edoardo Stroppiana, who designed the concept with the support of a vibrant team from London and Hong Kong.





Compromised of four tiny propellers, the pocket-size device can autonomously fly as high as twenty metres in the air and take pictures, which instantly sync to your phone. The drone harnesses the power of smartphone technology and is expected to hit the market in March. The ‘Airselfie’ will no doubt create some cracking photos that will be far superior to those on the trusty stick. We wonder if the new product will win the hearts of all those selfie enthusiasts.