TriumphAsia supported Diesel in the promotion of the2014 Jogg Jeans promotional campaign in China, with a series of events that took placein 5 key Diesel stores around China (Shanghai, Beijing, Shenyang and Wuxi).

Project details




Wuxi Center 66, Shanghai Grand Gateway, Kerry Center Shanghai, Sanlitun Beijing

The brand of the campaign was the innovative Jogg Jeans, a revolutionary hybrid denim made of jersey + denim, created by Diesel and promoted through a creative viral video: DIESEL Jogg Jeans Video.
The promotion took place at Diesel’s most important stores on different days and in different locations.
To surprise the audience, Triumph Asia assisted Diesel in creating flash mobs with the collaboration of well-known Chinese hip-hop dance schools. Dancers were asked to wear Diesel Jogg Jeans while performing, in order to demonstrate how Jogg Jeans can be comfortable while moving.
The flash mob, promoted via social networks, surprised and amazed hundreds of passersby in Shanghai and Beijing.
The dancers posted videos and comments regarding Jogg Jeans on Weibo (the Chinese twitter), inviting everyone to join them to try out and test Diesel Jogg Jeans.