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Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum

The first stop for “The Eternal City. Splendour of Ancient Rome” China Tour  was held in Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum from 26 January 2016  to 8 April 2016.  The exhibition will receive an estimation of more than 600000 visitors and will have a widespread influence not only in Chengdu, but also among the south west part of mainland China.

“The Eternal City” is a project Triumph Asia started working on since the end of 2012, together with Italian partnership Contemporanea Progetti. Triumph Asia is a key partner for the planning of international art and archaeological exhibitions in China, with a dedicated team able to present to the Chinese audience the 233 astounding relics from 7 major museums in Italy, which gives a comprehensive experience to the Chinese visitors of the cultural achievements and social environment from Imperial Rome stage.