Planning Your Next Company Party?

Company parties are those ‘compulsive socializing’ events with your colleagues. The idea of spending an evening doing fun activities with your colleagues in a conference room, is definitely dreadful. You often have to deal with awkward silences or endure the non-stop rant about company or boss. You have to fake a hearty laugh on a pathetic joke by your supervisor. The worst part is that, throughout the event you have to act like you are interested and thoroughly enjoying the ‘party’. However, if planned wisely, office parties can indeed be a great way of breaking ice and fostering the bond between employees.

Here list some party activities we suggest for your company:


This is a true ice breaker game. The attendees discreetly select a ‘snowman’ from among themselves. The job of this snowman is to freeze in the middle of whatever he is doing, at any point of time during the party. Whenever the rest of the group sees him, they have to freeze as well. The last person to freeze loses out the game and becomes the next snowman. The key is to keep an eye on the snowman and imitate him as soon as he freezes.

Celebrity Couples

In this game, a handful of attendees get to become celebrities for the rest of the evening. Ask the attendees to volunteer for the game in pairs. Stick a tag on their back which states the name of the celebrities, the couple are supposedly playing. The couple of course doesn’t know who they are. The task is such, thatthe rest of the attendees have to check the tag and talk to the couple the way they would talk to the real celebrities. The couple then has to find out their identity, from these conversations. However, obvious hints are to be avoided to retain the excitement in the game.










Liar Liar

Every person is asked to make 3 statements about himself, one true and two false. The rest of the group has to guess which one is the true statement. The player is awarded one point for every incorrect guess. The game continues for every person on the table and lastly, the person with highest score is awarded the title of ‘The Biggest Liar in the Office’. This is a good activity to know your colleagues better.

Crazy Communication

The game is to be played in the teams of two or four. You’ll need an assortment of sweets or any items for this game. The players sit back-to-back with the plate of sweets in their hands. One of the players gets the plate, with the sweets arranged in a peculiar way, while his team mate’s plate consists of the same items, but piled in the middle of the plate. The job of the first player is to direct his partner in such a way that he replicates the arrangement of sweets on the first player’s plate.










Some other activities include ‘gift exchange’ or ‘bringing your own dessert’. No matter what activities you choose for your company party, just make sure to make the session interactive, so that your guests leave the party with fond memories.

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